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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

Parish Pastoral Group

Meeting No. 3 Monday 23rd April 2012 at 7.30pm

Venue: Fisher More Hall


Fr Tim Buckley (PP), DA, MT, FS, TBr, CMc, RW, PC, PR, MB, DP, RP, JH, ACh, ACo, MZ, KR, SP, NMc, JP, DM



(Full names appear on the paper version of the minutes)


  1. Welcome by ACh; introductory prayer by Fr Tim.
  2. Minutes from last meeting – initially agreed and no amendments. Later in meeting an objection was raised to wording in Item no 4 re: Catechesis. Amendment to be sent out to PPG for agreement.  ACTION KR
  3. Parish Directory:
    • Distribution at Masses w/e 27/28 April. 2000 copies have been printed. Each family to be given one, with some left in porch and a reserve kept for new parishioners. There was discussion concerning asking for a donation towards cost but the consensus was to keep it free as originally planned with a suggested donation £1 for further copies left in porch. We would look for sponsorship for next edition.
    • Logistics: ACh and ACo will talk at all the Masses to introduce the Directory and the Census forms. After each Mass they will be given out by the PPG members. Tea and coffee will be available after each Mass in F/More Hall for two weekends to encourage people to fill in forms and leave them with PPG – folders to be provided. (ACTION - KR)  ACo asked for volunteers for each Mass so everything was covered. ACTION - All
    • The Directory will be loaded onto the website. ACTION - MZ
    • KR will need help inputting all the data from census forms– people are being identified for this – need the computer lady to place the database on a shared file for an initial period of main input then will be taken off. ACTION - KR
  4. Church Displays from sub groups:
    • TBr explained that this would go up in May following the distribution of the Directory and Census forms. The display would go up in church; not a big display and not wordy, mainly a pictorial display for each group giving an overview of the group and contact details. It was decided that the best weekend to put everything up would be for Pentecost Sunday as there is no evening Mass on the Saturday so we would have all afternoon to put things up. ACTION - All We require bright coloured sugar paper, A1 size and laminating sheets. ACTION - KR
  5. Feedback from Sub Group:
    • Liturgy – nothing further to report
    • Catechesis – some response to call for Catechists
    • Mission + Spirituality – session with RP went well – looking to do more
    • Schools – going in to St Julie's next week and arranging to go to Hope to get students more active in parish ACTION - FS
    • Hospitality/ Fisher More – Had meeting with Finance to discuss leasing etc.
    • Administration – nothing further to report – working on Census ACTION - KR
    • Youth Development – nothing further to report
    • Finance – Accounts have been produced for 2011; there is a deficit with less tax coming in etc. Gift Aid programme has resulted in 28 new applications so far. Looking into leasing F/More Hall; will look at how it works at St Mary's. Also donations for funerals
    • Liaison with St. Mary's – nothing new
  6. Parish Census
    • There was discussion about the Parish Census and queries regarding some questions. Form was tidied up ready for distribution after all Masses. Forms will be taken in and placed in a folder for each Mass to keep them confidential. ACTION - KR
    • First stage – to give out to all families/individuals at Mass. Parish boundaries not an issue for this exercise. We need to know who attends and what they may have to offer the parish community.
    • Further stages – to identify Catholics who do not attend Mass, maybe via schools initially. We than need a plan of action to see how we go about identifying Catholics in our parish who are lapsed.
  7. Any current pressing issues:
    • None
  8. Any Other Business:
    • Fr Tim wanted to express his thanks for all the work. Alison stated that we should be proud of what we have managed to achieve since we came together.
  9. Date for Future Meeting: Next meeting of the PPG: Monday 9th July at 7.30pm in F/More Hall


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