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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton

 Parish Core Team 

Time:    Wed. 3rd Feb, 2016 at 8pm

Venue: Monastery Library




Chair AC
Ass’t Chair NMc
Admin KR
Mission & Spirituality JH
Liturgy CA
Catechesis TBr
   Finance DM


Fr. Tim Buckley Parish Priest  T Bu
Schools, Universities and Youth  FS




Welcome and introductory prayer


Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising :

The new tables for the Fisher-More Hall had been purchased and delivered.


Review of Christmas services   

The Traditional Carol service with organ, the Parish Carol service with Allerton Brass and Folk Groups and the 7 pm Christmas Eve Family Mass had all been well supported and appreciated.  

Action : The parish organist will be invited to the PCT meeting ahead of next Christmas planning (AC)


Year of Mercy / Anniversary of Icon 

  1. Fr. Tim had written an article for BE Alive.
  2. To publicise and explain these two significant themes further, leaflets and posters to be sent to as many parishes as possible.

Action: LACE to be approached for a list of parishes.  (KR)

            Information materials to be written to welcome visitors (AC,JH)


May Procession

A letter requesting a traditional May Procession had been received. 

Action: St Mary’s PCT to be approached as venue due to shrine to Our Lady in the grounds. (AC)


Update on Progress – Parish Awakening Action Plan

The various subsections in the plan were discussed, and necessary actions still to be achieved were identified.

Items still not actioned included

  • delivery to the housebound copies of the Prayers of Intercession on a weekly basis so that they are always part of the weekly Mass celebrations
  • updating of the Parish Directory
  • welcoming teams for each Sunday mass


list of housebound parishioners to be compiled; SVP to be consulted

 Eucharistic Ministers to be given copies of the prayers on a weekly basis (CA,KR)

 Group leaders to be contacted in updating Directory     (AC)


Reports from subgroups additional to above


  1. Catechesis:

76 children were being prepared for the First Sacraments, with another 7 for Confirmation only.

  2. Liturgy:

       a) 4 new Altar Servers had been trained.

       b) Welcoming Teams were active at all Masses

  1. Finance

Parish accounts: thanks to the untiring efforts of the finance team, and the generous response of parishioners, the parish accounts showed an increase income in 2015/16. 

Increase in revenue arose from

a) increase in gift aid with 66% parish having signed up for Gift Aid,

b) increase in regularity of contribution with 50% giving through direct debit and

c) generosity of those giving to votive lights.

Expenditure has arisen due to

a) costs of essential building maintenance of the building continued to be high

b)some non-payment for Catholic papers removed from the porch.

Paper Bank

After extensive research it had not been possible to find another Paper Bank firm because of a slump in the used paper market.  A new contract will be entered into as soon as the market improves

  1. Mission and spirituality:

this responsibility will be split between two people in the future

   5.  Hospitality:

light refreshments will be available on 8 Feb following Fr Barrie’s 50th celebratory Mass at 12noon.


Full Pastoral Council meeting/AGM

A meeting of the full Parish Pastoral Council will take place on to Monday February 22nd, 7 pm in the Fisher-More Hall.  There are 24 members, however, all parishioners will be invited to attend.

Action: bulletin notice to be placed seeking agenda items and email contact to be made with members. (AC)


Any other Business

AC to meet with TBu to bring him up to date with meeting decisions (AC,TBu)


Date of next meeting

To be arranged after full council meeting has taken place


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