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Our Lady of the Annunciation - Bishop Eton 

Parish Core Team 

 Time:    Wednesday 20 September 2017 at 8pm

Venue: Hughes Room



 Fr Tim Buckley      Parish Priest       TBu
 Chair  AC
      Various  CA
     Mission       JH
     Catechesis    TBr
     Finances  DM
 Links with St Marys    MZ
Hospitality    CL
Spirituality  RP
    Links with schools and university  FS



Assistant chair   NMc
Administration     HM  
   Administration     KR
   Liturgy   GJ



1.Introductory prayer

TBr led the opening prayer

2. Welcome, apologies, Minutes and matters arising

a. A spreadsheet of proposals not yet actioned has been compiled, and will be consulted in future meetings.

b. An exterior noticeboard will be discussed when the admin team are present.

c. Fr. Tim has clarified with the Primary School that the School Levy is not being paid twice;

d. The hours and routine of the cleaner of the Fisher-More Hall to be addressed. 

Action: Fr T to speak with cleaner (T Bu)

e. Communication with the parish is being enhanced with regular articles in the BE Alive magazine by members of the Core Group.

Action : All

3. Church standards document

a. Following sight of a Church Etiquette document produced by St, Mary’s, Clapham, a document had been compiled for Bishop Eton.  Minor amendments were agreed.   One week’s grace for PCT members to suggest any further changes 

 Action : Guidelines to be published in bulletin and then included in sacramental booklets and for church visitors (AC)

b. A letter covering the Sacraments, their importance and their implications for those taking part had been written by Fr. Tim.

Action: The booklet to be distributed to the school and  parish. (T Bu)

4. Parish music Ministry

a. Specialist music holders were needed to clip on to the benches. It was agreed that the Parish would cover the cost.

 Action:  a provider or supplier to be identified. (MZ)

b. A ‘wish list’ for the parish musicians to be compiled.

Action; the 10 am Music Group to be consulted. (MZ)

c. A document clarifying the responsibilities and procedures to be adopted by the Parish Organist has been compiled and passed to the Archdiocese for its response.

Action: in the absence of a response from the Archdiocese, Fr. Tim has talked through this document with the organist. (T Bu)

5. Christmas Services

The following dates were agreed ;

17th Dec.  With You Always Nativity play:

18th Dec. Parish Celebration of Carols.

Action : service to be arranged. (TBr)

Action : Allerton Brass to be contacted to check their booking. (KR/HM)

21st Dec. Traditional Carol Service with organ. (No collection to be taken).

24th Dec. Masses at 7 pm and 11.30 pm. (No 6pm Mass for 4th Sunday of Advent)

Addendum - subsequent to the meeting the Traditional Carol Service has been rescheduled to the 23rd Dec.

6. Items arising following bulletin notice

a. Fisher More Hall

Small repairs have been covered by the Church Site Manager, but he has expressed concern over the larger repairs needed, eg repairs to the ladies toilets and to a hole on the wall.  He has raised the question of responsibility for maintenance with the Archdiocese but to no avail.

Action: a meeting to be held to clarify the situation. (DM)

b. Security of shed

The shed in the monastery garden has been broken into twice.

Action: A steel bar for the door to be costed. (DM)

c. Repository

The need to carry heavy boxes of stock over to the Fisher More Hall means that the Repository was not often open.

Action: the feasibility of converting one of the confessionals into a piety shop to be investigated. (FS)

d. Book lending library

Many parishioners and clergy have religious books they are willing to make available for others. A library session could be held fortnightly in the Hughes Room, and expanded to include refreshments.

Action: shelving and publicity would be needed. (FS)

7. Updates from sub-groups


About 70 children have come forward for the With You Always programme of First Holy Communion preparation, ten of which are from schools other than Bishop Eton. Two initial meetings are to be held before the Enrolment Mass on 30th October. Reconciliation services were to be held during Lent  (not Advent as in previous years) and First Holy Communions will be during Pentecost weekend, 20th May.

Action:  End of WYA Celebration will be held on 17th June as part of the  Parish Garden Party. (TBr)


The monthly Social Walks continue and are well attended.

The Churches Together in Mossley Hill website has been closed, but will hopefully re-launch this with help from MZ.

Bishop Eton will be represented on the local committee for the Women’s World Day of Prayer.

Action: Parish groups within the Mission category will be contacted before PCT meetings so that they can raise any matters. (JH)

Action: an up to date list of contact persons to be obtained. (JH)

Liaison with schools

a. An exhibition of photographs with leaflets, reporting on the recent visit to Project Zimbabwe has been installed in the church porch.

b. St. Julie’s has offered 10 projectors for Zimbabwe

Action: transportation to be planned. (FS)

c. Junior Justice and Peace has re-opened after the summer break.

d. Two adults have been employed on a job-share basis to re-launch Redemptorist Young Adults for over 18s, and it was hoped this would bridge the gap between Junior J & P and young adults.


Fr. Charles is running Days of Recollection for Readers, EMHCs and sacristans.


Provisional accounts for the last 6 months were made available. The parish is no longer making a loss on newspapers.  66% of the offertory is now Gift Aided.


A request to use the church for a fundraising event had been received from Liverpool Phoenix Choir.

Action; the Choir’s aims and parish connections to be considered and fee for use of the church to be agreed. (AC/DM)

Links with St Mary's

A meeting had been held with key personnel at St. Mary’s regarding the website.

St. Mary’s Parish Administrator has installed a display to publicise the need for Dementia Awareness which could provide ideas for BE

Action: support for carers in Bishop Eton to be scoped. (RP)


A very pleasant event to celebrate the recent Jubilees of Frs. Casey and Johnson had been held.

More helpers are needed to make such events easier.

Action; an article for BE Alive to be .written, outlining the need for volunteers. (CL)

A new urn in the Fisher More Hall was needed.

Action: purchase to go ahead. (CL/DM)


A series of articles on spiritual topics in BE Alive has been started.

8. Any Other Business

The cost of special flower arrangements for weddings by the Parish Flower Arranging Team was rarely donations from the families involved.

Action: a meeting to be held with the Flower Arranging Team to discuss how to address this.

9. Date of Next meeting

      Wed. Nov. 22nd at 8 pm in the Hughes Room.


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