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Masses in August

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23 NOVEMBER 2011 – 8.00pm – Fisher-More Hall

Present: see end + Fr Tim Buckley (PP)

Apologies: Rosemary Poole, Nick McLeod

  • Meeting began with PP thanking everyone for coming and started with a Reading to focus the meeting.
  • PP quoted Canon Law on the subject of a Parish Council which states it is not obligatory (though a Finance committee is). His vision of the council is to allow the church to flourish and to enable the gifts of the parish to come to the fore, and wants stronger links with the school.
  • PP asked if we were happy to accept the nominees or did people want elections. Everyone agreed to accept the nominees.
  • PP conscious of the work already being done and the council will not undermine this but instead will harness it and underline it, but without having endless meetings.
  • PP went on to highlight some of the key areas he sees the council dealing with:
    1. Finance: this is well looked after but need to reconstitute the Finance Committee. Intend to publish collections in future.
    2. Liturgy: how we celebrate and Services. Need to look at Sacristy; readers; Servers (maybe not start as young); Music; Welcomers and ushers – and possibly going out to visit.
    3. Catechesis: we need to train more Catechists and bring in the school more to help with catechesis. Set up Marriage Prep, using Deacon John more.
    4. Building Maintenance: team to deal with this.
    5. Hire of Hall: use of
    6. Mission: how best to deal with the Bereavement process; Churches Together; Bible Study groups maybe and Social groups.


Do we have a Constitution? 

PP replied that we do not as yet. We need to decide what we want; we need a structure (like the example from Christ the King) and then for people to volunteer for a group. 

Who will be ex-officio? 

PP replied he would be, Fr Barrie and the parish secretary for instance.Possibly representatives from different groups eg Finance, CTMH etc.

The Way Forward 

  • PP would like the council to look into resolving problems brought by parishioners eg the question of whether Mass Intentions should be announced at each Mass – yes or no? His suggestion for this was is to continue with not announcing, but placing an A3 sheet with Mass Intentions on the porch door each week. If the donor really wants an announcement the onus would be for them to type the details and take to the priest in the Sacristy before the Mass. Everyone present agreed this was a good compromise and would be put into effect immediately.
  • To get the process started the next meeting would be for Nominees to meet to elect a Chairperson and departmental groups.

Next meeting for the nominees of the parish council to be held on Sunday 27th November at 7.30pm in the Fisher-More Hall.


List of parishioners present at the meeting:

Ann Quirk       Mark Bainbridge
Bob Cannon  Sharon Pearson
Deborah Poole        M Kieran
Philip Reeds     H King
Alison Chalmers  J Holden
Cath McVey      Mr & Mrs Moloney
Pat Brophy      Mr & Mrs Quirk
Margaret Torpey     Christopher Allmand
Donna Allanson     Margie Zilnyk
David Hart        A & R Boardman
Frances Sibert     Janet Coyle
Dominic Murphy   B O’Toole
Ann Connor     K Reeds
Kate Ashley    Peter Colvin
Rosemary Whitfield     Mr & Mrs Grace
John Keeley                    


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