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27 NOVEMBER 2011 – 7.30pm – Fisher-More Hall

Present: Fr Tim Buckley (PP), DA, MT, FS, TB, CMc, RW, PR, PC, DH, BC, RP, DP, Rev John Keeley, KA, MB, JH, ACh, ACo, PM, CA, MZ, AQ

Apologies: Fr Barrie O’Toole, KR, SP, NMc JP

  • Meeting began with a prayer.
  • PP gave out handout detailing the key posts as he sees it. Add One World Group, Friends of the Holy Land and door ministry.
  • Points to be considered: day to day jobs (eg new missals for sale); couples to be married next year; how can we encourage the parish to grow at all levels? Firstly, need to elect a Chairperson and consider the areas that interest individuals with a view to an optimum grouping of 6 members in each area.
  • The council broke into groups to discuss these areas and after the discussion, ACh was elected as Chairperson to be assisted by ACo
  • Suggested Departmental groups and areas of interest expressed:
    • Liturgy: TB; MT; PR; PM; CA; FS.
    • Catechesis: NMc; Rev John Keeley; MB; AQ; KA.
    • Mission: JH; BC; RW; RP;
    • Schools: FS; DP;
    • Finance: DH; FS; DA; PC.
    • Fisher-More: CMc
    • Maintenance:JB
    • Hospitality:CMc
    • Administration:KR; MZ
    • Liaison St Mary’s: RW
    • Youth Development: MB; PR
  • PM asked a question about insurance. AQ (solicitor) replied this was unnecessary as we are not publicly funded and are all volunteers.
  • Time period for membership of the council was agreed to be four years.
  • ACh (Chair) suggested that each group meets before the next meeting to discuss the items listed and who runs each element in the small group.
  • A contact list was requested – details to be made available to KR – to be then sent out

Next meeting for the full council to be held on Wednesday 1st February 2012 at 7.30pm in the Hughes Meeting Room. 

Following the Chairperson’s suggestion at the main meeting the following have agreed to be departmental heads/core group members for the council:

Liturgy TBr
Catechesis NMc
Mission JH
Schools FS
Finance DH
Hospitality/Fisher More CMc
Administration KR
Youth Development MB
Liaison with St Mary's RW


Note - full names will appear on the paper version of the minutes


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