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Our Lady of the Annunciation

 Bishop Eton Parish Pastoral Group

Meeting No. 2 Wednesday 1st February 2012 at 7.45pm

Venue: Fisher More Hall


Fr Tim Buckley (PP), DA, MT, FS, TB, CMc, RW, PC, DH, RP, Rev John Keeley, KA, JH, ACh, ACo, PM, CA, MZ, AQ, Fr Barrie O'Toole, KR, SP, NMc, JP, DM



(Full names appear on the paper version of the minutes)


  1. Welcome and overview of how meeting will be structured by ACh; introductory prayer by Fr Tim followed by round of introductions.
  2. Vision for Parish Pastoral Group, Parish Core Team and Sub groups:
    • The proposed vision that was put together by the Core Team was put forward for the PPG to discuss/amend, so that this can be put out to the parish.
    • Fr Tim wants groups to move things forward and make decisions. If guidance needed or required they should be put forward by the department leaders to ACh and ACo who will go to Fr Tim if necessary. 
  3. Parish Directory:
    • ACo is compiling the directory which will include details of all of the parish activities and organisations. So far 55/56 societies/organisations have been identified in the parish. Group leaders and teams reviewed to propose any omissions. Overall contents were also discussed.  (Action ACo)
  4. Sub Group discussions
    • Liturgy - group would like a board in Church identifying all the groups involved in parish life. They would like to run workshops for readers/ writing Bidding Prayers.They want to find a way to encourage older Altar Servers to come back and set up training for new ones. (Action TBr)
    • Catechesis – they are looking to build up links with schools and maybe have joint meetings with Youth Development group. Looking for new initiatives for faith development and wonder if there should be an extra group looking at the care of the elderly and housebound. (Action NMc)
    • Mission + Spirituality – the group is looking aspects of education and spirituality and looking at the care of the elderly and housebound. (Action JH)
    • Schools – overlap with other groups, but the prime target at present is the Primary School Confirmations.(Action FS)
    • Hospitality/ Fisher More – is reviewing the use of the hall and the costs incurred. Group will meet with Finance group to discuss further. (Action CMc)
    • Administration – will put out a message to all groups to send in email version of posters for porch so they can go on the website. The group will organise a Parish Census in the medium term as many of the records held from the last census in 2001 are now out-of-date. New software will be required. (Action KR)
    • Youth Development – leader had been to a Youth Convention in St Helens, which he had found worthwhile and was collating information for parish use. (Action MB)
    • Finance – the committee will meet four times a year and now has four new members. The group intends a new drive in April for the Gift Aid Scheme. It will set up to give out new boxes in March. The accounts are waiting to be audited and will be published later in the year. (Action DH)
    • Liaison with St. Mary’s – RW has visited St Mary’s and met the parish administrator and will link up with counterpart once one has been designated at St Mary’s. (Action RW)
  5. Feedback from Sub Group discussions – all happy with vision statement with one slight amendment put forward
    • MZ stated that emails could be set up for each group via the website so that personal emails needn’t be used. (Action MZ)
  6. Any current pressing issues:
    • None
  7. Any Other Business:
    • Shape of table not ideal for number present at the meeting.
    • Angelus – Weekday masses will not start with the priest leading the angelus. However Fr Tim is happy for it to be led and said by the congregation after the rosary, but there must be a gap before mass begins.
    • SVP – they are looking at the possibility of starting Mini-Vinnies for young people under the age of 18.
    • Directory to go on the website when completed without leaders’ phone numbers for security
    • Minutes of meetings to go on the website and BE Alive.
    • Notices about parish events and activities can be sent through to Frances to advertise in school bulletin.
    • Some short discussion took place about the need masses for Youth and pilgrimages without conclusions being reached.
    • Amendment to previous minutes to be sent to the parish office.
  8. Dates for Future Meetings: The group will aim to meet every three months

 Next meeting of PPG: Monday, 30 April at 7.45pm in Fisher-More Hall.


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