RYM Daily Lenten MomentDay 38

'Successful or Faithful?'

Did you hear the wonderful news the other day - that Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta is to be canonised on September 4th 2016!

It will be a special day when she is made Saint - and there will undoubtedly be lots of people making the journey to Rome for her canonisation.

The media interest too will be high - and it will be an incredible time for the church.

I particularly love Mother Teresa's quote 'God didn't call me to be successful, he called me to be faithful'.

In this day and age - much emphasis is placed on being a success - being successful in your chosen career or with your relationships and interests/ hobbies.

Success is deemed to be the 'be all and end all' - and it is something that is much desired in modern day society.

But being 'faithful' is also important - faithful to one another, to our families, to our friends and to God!

Yet we don't tend to hear people desiring to be faithful - not in the same way that they crave success.

Faithfulness is a long term game - and we need God to increase our faith in Him.

We need to commit ourselves to being faithful followers of Jesus - and by being faithful to one another.

At the end of time - God will not particularly look back on our material successes or on our work/ career achievements - but will look on whether we have been 'faithful servants'.

So today - maybe we want to take stock of what our priorities in life are - what is really important!

God help us to be successful in being faithful to you and to others!

Paul Murphy - Coordinator of Redemptorist Youth Ministry (RYM)

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