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RYM Daily Lenten Moment

Day 40 : 'Companions of Mercy'

Today is Palm Sunday!

We are set to begin the most sacred of weeks in the Church's year - Holy Week.

Today we hear Jesus being welcomed into Jerusalem by excited crowds who are full of praise - and who lay palms at His feet as he rides in humbly on a donkey!

It seems at this stage that Jesus has many friends - and all that He needs!

As Holy week continues we hear that many of these friends go missing!

Many go silent, some become nervous about following Him and others betray Him.

As he endures suffering on his journey towards death on the Cross - Jesus' friends and companions become fewer and fewer - and less visible.

So today - let us look at our our own lives - let us look closer at our own friendships.

Are we there for our families and friends when the going gets tough? Or do we go silent, become nervous or betray them?

When the going gets tough - do we hang around or do we get going?

Lord let us be a companion to those who are in need, those who are suffering - help us to be companions of mercy and love to them!

So perhaps in this most sacred of weeks - as we prepare to meditate on Jesus' Passion and Death - that we may strive to be faithful companions to those who are suffering around us!

When the going gets tough - let us get going with more acts of love, compassion and mercy!

Paul Murphy is Coordinator of Redemptorist Youth Ministry (RYM)


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