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Day 42 : 'Perseverance, Faith & Hope'

I couldn't have had a better beginning to Holy Week!

Blessing after blessing I have received these past few days - and once again yesterday!

After a day full of admin, emails, phone calls and planning - I took a risk - a leap of faith!

And God never lets me down when I do that!

For you see - Bethel Music were in London town yesterday as part of their Europe Tour!

Bethel Music are a hugely influential Northern Californian Christian collective of worshippers and artists who lead in devotional song!

Their aim is to write songs that express who God is and who we are in Him!

Given their worldwide status - the event at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town, North London was sold out for months!

I decided to travel anyway out to the venue in the hope and faith of securing a last minute ticket.

When I arrived at the Box Office at 5.30pm I was told - IT'S A SELL-OUT!

Even the security guard told me tickets were like gold dust!

So I decided to leave and go to Camden Town on tube and grab some dinner!

At 7.15pm I felt moved and guided by the Spirit to go back to venue once more...........this time I was greeted by thousands and thousands of young Christians lining the streets outside........a truly amazing sight to behold in London!

I couldn't even see the end of the queue!

All of a sudden that same security guard noticed me and beckoned me over........asking me 'Hey aren't you the lad who wanted a ticket earlier?'

He then shouted over to another security guard who then proceeded to pass me a 'golden-dusted' ticket!

Astounded - I thanked him and asked how much he wanted for the ticket - and he just smiled and said 'Just go and join the queue to get in son!'

I was literally amazed - it was a gift from God!

I was so overwhelmed but consciously aware of God's presence - granting me this ticket through the Spirit working in these two amazingly generous men.

The night was truly blessed with thousands of young people praising and worshipping with a reverence beyond words! Young people who truly love Jesus and are proud to profess this love! I was so glad to be there!

Don't let anyone ever tell you faith doesn't matter to young people in this country!

And don't ever stop trusting in the Lord!

Perseverance, faith and hope is always rewarded by our truly incredible God!

Take the risk - or lose the chance!

Paul Murphy - Coordinator of Redemptorist Youth Ministry (RYM). 


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