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Parish Pastoral Group

'Christ came to unite us in His love'

The aim of the Parish Pastoral Group is to enable the parish to flourish as a worshipping, welcoming, loving community of faith. The group aims to become a conduit of information and skills, capturing the energy and talent which abound in the parish. Through its work it hopes to prepare the parish for its future, providing assurance and coordination and removing uncertainty. Through evangelisation, it aims to develop faith, or for some help in its rediscovery, thus enabling gifts to emerge. The group will provide a structure which will take pressure off the parish clergy, especially the parish priest, as the parish enters a new phase of its development.

The group aims to become a means of direct and open liaison across the parish and to others such as our local schools and our sister parish, St Mary's.

It will do this by serving and listening to all members of the community. It will be alert to the needs of everyone by knowing what is happening within the parish and also what is missing. In this way it will try to ensure that there are no gaps in parish activities so that the interests of all are met. It hopes to inspire people new to the parish, or new to their life of faith, to become further involved in parish life. It will ensure that information is communicated and skills are shared so that every parishioner, regardless of age, feels involved in parish life and is able to play his/her part. Through its activities, it will enable parishioners to grow to know each other both spiritually and socially. It will be responsive and fluid, providing an open forum for discussion. It will also take decisions and responsibility for aspects of parish life. It will communicate clearly and ensure there is liaison between and amongst parish members and organisations.

The group will be led by a core team, the Parish Core Team, which will try to ensure that all aspects of parish life flourish. These areas include

  • liturgy
  • mission
  • spirituality
  • catechesis
  • liaison with schools and youth development
  • liaison with St Mary's Parish
  • hospitality
  • administration
  • finances

The Parish Core Team meets regularly. Minutes of meetings will be published in the parish porch and on the parish website.


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