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To comply with Health and Safety regulations all the glass in the church porch has been covered with a special film.

NO POSTERS can be stuck to the glass as it will damage the film.

ALL posters must be approved by the Parish Office.

  • They will be put up on Friday/Saturday after being stamped
  • Any unauthorised posters or literature will be removed.

Notice boards in the Church and Porch will be used as follows:

North Side Aisle:

  • notice board nearest Our Lady's shrine - for Little Church and Madeleine 
  • Middle Noticeboard - Confirmation photos; Project Zimbabwe; Vocations 
  • Last alcove - Finance Statements; Minutes of meetings; certificates and Safeguarding; Diocesan posters that do not change.


  • Left-hand side  (as you enter the church from the main entrance) - Bulletin, Mass intentions and sick list; Youth posters; Churches in Mossley Hill; event posters 
  • Right-side - Rotas; Gift Aid; event posters

Please note

We are not always able to advertise events in the bulletin but will endeavour to place all posters on the parish notice board. If there is no space in the bulletin it is possible to advertise the event on the website, but to do so the event details and/or poster needs to be in electronic form. Please e-mail such information to the parish office and send a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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