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ON Wednesday 1 February, the One World Group held their AGM. We discussed what was a good year of fundraising for the worthy causes we support. Also under discussion were the fundraising events planned for this coming year of 2017. These include the popular Sunday Lunch at 60 Hope Street, a Wine Tasting and Afternoon Tea in The Fisher More Hall.

The group voted that Cath McVey (Secretary) and Sara Eccleston (Chair) continue their roles for a further year and they will also be joint Treasurers with support from Colette Nawrocki who has stepped down as Treasurer.

In 2016 the OWG gave financial support to Fr Max McKeown in Zambia who runs a mission in Zambia which supports Deaf Children, Households in Distress run by the Chigwell Sisters and Project Zimbabwe.

We look forward to seeing many of you return to this year’s events and we welcome anyone joining us for the first time.

Many thanks for your support and generosity as always throughout the years.

Here's to a happy year of fundraising . . . .

The One World Group Team.


Our thanks go out to everyone who supported our lunch fundraiser at 60 Hope Street on Sunday 3rd April. We were made very welcome by all the friendly staff on duty and enjoyed a sumptuous lunch in a lovely atmosphere.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and for donations including raffle prizes and to 60 Hope Street who always donate a raffle prize for a three course lunch at the restaurant. £700 was raised through ticket sales,

donations and raffle. Your continued support and generosity is always appreciated and is what keeps our small charity going.

Our thanks again, Sara Eccleston.


On Monday 1st February, the One World Group held their AGM in The Fisher-More Hall. We reflected on what a splendid year we had had working for what we are passionate about.

Under discussion were this year’s fundraising events which will include favourites such as Sunday Lunch at 60 Hope Street, Wine Tasting, a Quiz and a couple of new events to be announced soon.

The Group voted that Cath, Colette and Sara continue in their roles for a further year.

Cath McVey - Secretary

Colette Nawrocki - Treasurer

Sara Eccleston – Chair

Our door is always open for anyone wishing to help/ contribute in any way to The One World Group, contact Cath or Sara.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you return to our events this year and hope to make new friends so, please do come along and support us.

Here's to a Happy Year of fundraising....

The OWG Team.

The One World Group are having a lunch fundraiser at 60 Hope Street on Sunday 18 October. Tickets £23 available from Cath 07866 798 158, Sara 07947 120 371 and Monastery Reception.

Thank you to all who supported the Lunch at 60 Hope Street. £818 was raised for their various projects.

The next One World Group fundraiser will be a beer and wine tasting evening in the Fisher-More Hall on Friday 15 May. Tickets £10, incl light refreshments, available from Cath 07866 798158 or Sara 07947 120371. 


The One World Group are having a lunch fundraiser at 60 Hope Street on Sunday 12 April. Tickets £23 available from Cath 07866 798 158 or Sara 07947 120 371.



Present : Teresa Jackson; Colette Nawrocki; Joan Roberts; Sara Eccleston; Rosemary Searle and Cath McVey.

"I shall make a small difference on the planet through the work I do. When I leave I will have done my share. I shall live, love, laugh and learn on my journey".

The meeting opened with a prayer.

The Minutes of the last AGM on 31st January 2013 were read and approved.

The following people were elected as officers:

Sara Eccleston - Chair.
Cath McVey - Secretary.
Colette Nawrocki - Treasurer.

The Treasurer gave a Financial Report based on the year's fundraising.

The 60 Hope Street Lunches, Afternoon Tea, Wine tasting evening and Crosby Concert raised in excess of £3000.
There were donations of £85.00 and a donation of £15.50 from the sale of mince pies at Christmas.

The projects to be supported this year are as follows:

  • Fr. Max and the deaf school in Angola.
  • The Chigwell Sisters and their work in Zambia.
  • The Carol Adams Kitumba Vocational Centre.
  • Saints Peter and Paul RC Nursery School in Fort Portal Uganda.

The Annual Mass for the group and its work will be on Saturday 8th March at 12noon. All welcome.

Events for the coming year:

  • 60 Hope Street Spring Lunch Sunday 6th April 2014.
  • Wine tasting evening in Fisher More Hall Friday 16th May 2014.
  • 60 Hope Street Autumn Lunch Sunday 19th October 2014.

More fundraising events for later in the year will be planned at future meetings.

A vote of thanks was proposed to Teresa Jackson for her work as the Chairperson of the One World Group during the last 3 years.

The next meeting will be in the Hughes Meeting Room on Tuesday March 18th/25th (to be confirmed).

The One World Group would like to thank all who supported their Wine Tasting evening. The final total raised was £622!

The One World Group would like to thank all who supported their Wine Tasting evening. The final total raised was £622! 

The One World Group Annual Mass will take place on Saturday 9 March at 12.00noon. There will be a display in the Fisher-More Hall and refreshments will be provided.

The One World Group are organising a Sunday Lunch on the 14th April. For full details click here. Tickets are available from Cath 722 3680, Teresa 737 2173, Parish Office

As 2012 draws to a close the One World Group would like to thank all those who have supported our fundraising activities throughout what has been a very busy year for everyone. This year we have had fewer events, unfortunately some planned events had to be cancelled due to slow ticket sales, but those we did hold were very well attended and great fun.

This year although we have had a smaller Committee, we have been lucky to be able to draw on help from non-committee members. We are extremely grateful to you and take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance. Also, we would like to say a big thank you to our partners and families for their continued help and support. We are also delighted that Sarah Eccleston has joined the One World Group.

We would like to highlight the events and the money raised through your generous support be it through your attendance or kind donations

  • On 29th April, we held our Sunday Afternoon Cream Tea with beautiful homemade sandwiches and delicious cakes. Supporting us on this occasion was Pat from Booker Florists who demonstrated and talked through some wonderful flower arrangements that were kindly donated for raffle prizes. We raised £750.00
  • Unfortunately, the planned "Midsummer Evening" at Childwall Golf Club had to be cancelled.
  • In July, tickets were sold to attend the Philharmonic to attend an afternoon of Crosby Orchestra. This raised £210.00
  • On 14th October we hosted a "Sunday Lunch" at 60 Hope Street. This is the second year we have held this event and again we enjoyed marvellous support in this great venue, good food and a lovely relaxed atmosphere. We raised £575.00.
  • Fri 19th October. Coffee morning in Fisher-More Hall. This fundraiser was in aid of Kanvilli, a Christian Brothers School in Tamale, Northern Region of Ghana. The money raised for this event went towards educational resources at the school. Clare O'Brien who studied at St Edwards College spent six weeks as a Volunteer Teaching Assistant at Kanvilli from 1st November. The proceeds from this fundraiser plus £1,000 donated by OWG will go a long way at Kanvilli, a school that strives under great financial pressure to give the best education it can.
  • On 25th November, we held an Edwardian Cream Tea where we were serenaded for the first part with our very own One World Brass Ensemble, made up of family members, who played a lovely selection of Christmas Music. We were extremely pleased to welcome back Margaret O'Brien who gave an Edwardian Theme talk taking us back to Christmas 1913 in our very own "Eton Hall". Margaret dressed in period costume and brought with various authentic Edwardian goods which the National Trust had kindly donated as prizes. £802.00 was raised in the process.

To add to these planned fundraisers, we also received very generous donations of £632.00. Thank you so much.

We have been delighted to be able to make the following awards this past year:

  • £500 to Sister Helena from the Notre Dame Sisters
  • £1,200 to The Chigwell Sisters (the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary) who run a programme called "Households in Distress" based in Zambia. They provide centres to give help, advice and assistance to families affected by HIV/AIDS. The sisters educate families in how to provide care for their dying relatives at home. Essential equipment for example a mattress, basic medicines and clean water are provided. Our connection with the order came through a parishioner whose own sister was a Chigwell Sister working in Zambia.
  • £1,000 to Mrs Pat Cameron, Hope One World, who organised a trip to India to support educational needs.
  • £1,000 to the Edmund Rice Trust through Claire O'Brien who visited Kanville School in Ghana in November/December 2012

Whilst giving our update we would also like to reiterate that the One World Group are a small group of parishioners who raise funds to support a few projects in the developing world to help, mainly on an educational level and to try and improve their health care standards. The group was started in 1983, because of the direct links through parishioners with the groups supported at that time. The groups heavily relied on the financial assistance the One World Group provided so that they could plan for tomorrow. We have no administrative costs. Every penny raised goes to improve the lives of those in the developing world and the letters, photos and project updates we receive are a great source of inspiration and encouragement to the then and present group.

Once again on behalf of the One World Group, thank you all so much for supporting our fundraising activities. As you know, all funds raised do go to our projects mainly in Africa and other developing countries.

If you would be interested in becoming part of The One World Group as a committee member or indeed a non-committee helper, please contact Cath McVey on 722 3680
Teresa Jackson, Chairperson

Teresa Jackson (Chairperson)
Cath McVey (Secretary)
Colette Nawrocki (Treasurer)

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