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Masses in August

Masses: Please remember that during the month of August there will be no 7.00am Mass. This will commence on Monday 30 July.

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Adoremus – What Jesus meant by ‘is’

Adoremus booking information

You can book tickets for the main Adoremus events up until the end of July

To book tickets  go to the website: 

Leaflets have been distributed and there is more information at

For details on the parallel programme (including two events here at Bishop Eton) and background information, take a look at the special section on our website - click here.


Latest from RYM

For more information on any of the events below email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. make friends on facebook with natasha anita rym or join the group on 'Meetup'  

The Redemptorist Young Adult Group will meet on Tuesday 17 July at 7.30pm in the Fisher-More Hall: Pope Francis, the Man, the Mission and the Spirituality. An evening picnic will follow at Calderstones. For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tuesday 31st July, 7:30pm, Fisher More Hall: RYM Young Adult Group. A session going deeper in to the origins and meanings of two of the most well known and used prayers in the world... the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary. Followed by an end of year party in the Halfway House (or somewhere more exciting?! To be arranged!)

Coming Soon

On Friday 14 September from 6-8pm in St Mary's Hall we will be launching the RED(emptorist) THEATRE. 

We are hoping to enrich the liturgy of the parishes (services) with dance, drama, art, poetry.  Our first aim is to produce something for Remembrance Sunday, then hopefully something for Advent, Lent and Pentecost.

Young people will also have the opportunity to contribute to the directing/production of the piece which will all be unique pieces developed by one of St Mary's children's liturgy helpers

for more details contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CTMH Update 11th July 2018

Please note that over the summer the bulletin will be updated every 2 weeks.


Tuesday July 10th – Thursday 12th

The Greatest Story Ever Told – St Georges Hall

The Spectacular “The Greatest Story Ever Told” by  In Another Place, is back at St George’s Hall 10th to the 12th July with evening performances at 7 pm. Tuesday and Wednesday and 6 pm Thursday also daytime school performances. Tickets £7-£11  from   See In another Place Web site for details.

This theatre-in-the-round production gives a whistle-stop tour of the Bible aimed particularly at 7 – 77+-year-olds.  Each performance lasts for 2 hours inclusive of a 20-minute interval. The event features large props such as Noah’s ark and a life-size whale to swallow Jonah. It also has impressive screen visuals and things happening in every direction!  The large cast of around 300 individuals, includes community groups, choirs and those with additional needs. 


Tuesday 17th July


Every Tuesday at St Barnabas 10.30am - Noon

St Barnabas Church host a Lodge Lane Credit Union drop-in service in the church.  A full range of Credit Union services is available.

Also, Liverpool City Council has commissioned a drop-in support service, which is run by the Riverside Housing Floating Support Team and promotes the well-being and independence of vulnerable people in Liverpool.   Advice on matters such as, budgeting, debt management, accessing benefits and finding/sustaining accommodation is available.

Tea and coffee is available between 10.30am and noon. 


Monday August 13th – Friday 17th

HOLIDAY CLUB – Mossley Hill Parish Church,  1.00pm  – 4.00pm

Guardians of Ancora “Treasure Seekers”  Holiday Club.  A Free fun-packed afternoon for Children aged 5-11 years, Registration is essential.
for Further information email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

            Registration now open at

Monday August 20th – Wednesday 22nd


“Celebration of Children”   Holiday Club.  For Children aged 5-11 years, Registration is essential.  To register and for more details please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our June/July Newsletter gives updates on our Home Office Application, the search for a house, and the latest fundraisers. If you did not receive a copy on the 8th July you can download one by clicking here   If you have not already done so please check our wish-list of items for the house click here.


Adoremus National Eucharistic Pilgrimage & Congress 2018

Eucharist is… a challenge to become what we receive

In receiving Holy Communion at Mass and in saying “Amen” to the declaration that this is the Body of Christ, we accept the challenge Saint Augustine told us this is: to become what we receive.  We walk as a body of people with Christ at its head and centre, showing us the way.  We walk as a body of people in which each plays a part.  We walk together as one body in which each part is needed and each valued



Adoremus National Eucharistic Pilgrimage & Congress 2018

Eucharist is… thanksgiving

When we give thanks at Mass, the past is renewed, the present is transformed, and the future is made already present.  In this thanksgiving, hope is generated by recalling past mercies.  What we know from the past of the power and love of God gives us confidence in the continued mercy of God despite whatever may be going on in our lives to try us.


Adoremus National Eucharistic Pilgrimage & Congress 2018

Eucharist is… sacrifice.

Remembering Jesus’ death cannot be done simply by thinking about it.  If we are to remember as we are called to remember, then we need to live as Jesus lived, think as he thought and act as he acted.  We celebrate the memory of Jesus in the Eucharistic sacrifice by offering our own lives together with Jesus for the life of the world.

The Funeral of John Kearney RIP will take place on Monday 9 July at 12.00 noon.

On behalf of the Novena preaching team, a huge thank you to the Bishop Eton parish, for their attendance,  attentiveness, acts of kindness, prayers, letters and generosity, the total collection was, in fact, £3,611  (£10 more than it says in BE Alive) Much love and thanks. Bro. Mike C.Ss.R.

Pastoral Area pulpit swap towards Synod 2020: In the joint Epiphany letter to all Catholics in the Pastoral Area, it was highlighted that as part of the Synod 2020 process and to demonstrate a deepening of collaborative ministry the priests would celebrate Sunday Mass in each church in  Pastoral Area 3.

Next Sunday is the first of these occasions. The priests of the PA have felt called to have an ever-expanding ecclesial heart rather than a parochial heart this has meant that they have been looking at ways to grow together to best serve the Kingdom of God. By visiting each parish the priests will better be able to get to know different communities and people will be able to connect with priests from different local parishes. As part of this initiative, Fr Charles will be saying Mass at St John Vianney Parish.

Please keep in your prayers the Pastoral Area initiatives at this time.


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