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As announced a couple of weeks back our SYNOD member is Andy Finch. 

you can contact Andy using the email address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Exposition and Benediction at St Mary's

Cancelled from 14th Dec resumes on the 4th January 2019.

Project Zimbabwe

Please remember you can still purchase maize vouchers at £10 from reception. Each voucher enables the Mavambo trust to feed a  child headed family or group of orphans for a month.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported the Brother Benjamin feeding project and the Repository. Total amount to be confirmed.

Some of Fr Michael's painting are still available to be purchased, all monies raised go to Project Zimbabwe. To take a look at those paintings still available click here

KSCKnights of St Columba Walk

The Knights annual Steve Dooley Memorial  Walk which this year raised funds for the Whitechapel Homeless Centre has now reached £8,400 due to £1 for £1 from Barclays Bank. Thanks for your generosity.

Christmas Message from Archbishop Malcolm

The Christmas message from Archbishop Malcolm is available on the Archdiocesan websiteclick here to access it.  

Dementia Friendly Christmas

Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network videos

A thought from CAFOD



During this last week before Christmas, we still have many preparatory celebrations in the schools and in the parishes. They are designed to help us focus on the wonder of the gift God has given us and thereby prepare for the great day itself.

Each year Christmas provides us with a unique opportunity to reach out to the wider community. For some, it is the one time in the year when they choose to come to church. I hope the welcome they receive may prompt them to think about how rewarding it would be to be part of our communities of faith throughout the year.

realise that some of the Masses draw unusually large congregations and we do need to be careful regarding the whole question of health and safety. For those Masses we will ensure that votive candles are not available; we will put some extra chairs out and have a couple of standing areas, but at the same time try to ensure that the church does not become so overcrowded that evacuation in the case of an emergency was impossible.

It will be wise to arrive early and be as accommodating as possible. We will be able to bring some children onto the sanctuary as usual, but obviously, if the church is packed then some people may be disappointed. Hopefully, anyone in that situation will understand.

The Funeral of Deborah Sharpe RIP

will take place on Wednesday 19 December at 1.30pm.

Project Zimbabwe, “Shine a light this Christmas”.

Thank you for your support, we raised £2100 and more will be on sale after the Carol Service on Tuesday.  Christmas cards (inc a bag of maize voucher, which will feed a family or group of orphans for a month) £10 each and will be on sale from the Monastery reception, Monday—Saturday 9.00am—6.00pm. We have made a difference!


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