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Fr Tim


We all owe a debt of gratitude to our three candidates, who generously offered to be considered and all of you who felt able to vote. 252 votes were cast. Each candidate received substantial support and we congratulate Andy Finch who has been chosen to represent the parish at the Synod.

He will share some thoughts at the Sunday Masses in the New Year.

At the same time, Elisabeth and Elizabeth will undoubtedly play their part in the preliminary meetings, as I hope will many of you


I pray that we may all have a blessed experience of this holy season and prepare well for Christmas. Once again it is short with only three weeks to fit everything in, but at least this year the Fourth Sunday does not coincide with Christmas Eve.

I look forward to attending as many of the special events as possible.

I remind you that we will have our usual Reconciliation Services and they will be at the beginning of next week: Monday 10 December, at St Mary’s and Tuesday 11 December, at Bishop Eton, both at 7.30pm.


I am grateful to Andrew Finch, Elisabeth Neefs and Elizabeth Parsons for agreeing to be nominated. We will carry out the election efficiently this weekend. Please listen for instructions at the end of Mass. Details of each candidate are available, as are voting papers. I also have the names of some generous people willing to be co-opted to fill the other eight representatives of the Pastoral Area and we will be in touch with you when we have determined how we are to proceed on that front. Thank you all for your support for the Synod process.


We rejoice in this great feast today and pray in a special way for all our young people and the future of the Church, which will be in their hands.


Last Monday evening we had what I thought was a very fruitful meeting. Certainly, those of you who shared the evening left energised and as so often happens when we are genuinely open to the promptings of the Spirit, I believe even the tensions have provided the catalyst for new initiatives. I will explain what I mean more fully when I write my piece for BE Alive next weekend.

If you didn't pick up a copy of the questionnaire results you can download them by clicking here.

Selecting our Synod member:

In my dreams, I had hoped that we might be able to select our parish representative for the Diocesan Synod last Monday, but it would have been rushed and unsatisfactory. Nevertheless, time is at a premium because names need to be submitted to the Archdiocese by mid-December and we have a deanery meeting to finalise matters on 4 December.

If you are interested or wish to nominate someone else, please have your application with us by midnight next Thursday! 

Then we can provide you with the information you will need for voting next weekend.

Role descriptions and application forms are at the back of the church this weekend.

You can download an editable version of the application form by clicking here.

You can read the description of a SYNOD Member on the SYNOD website click here

Please remember that we also need to co-operate in finding 8 other members from the Pastoral Area and in an attempt to ensure that everyone is represented these are to be selected from particular categories, including those involved in education, the caring professions and most notably the young. We will be looking for two people, aged between 15 and 25 years of age. Again, if you would like to be considered, please inform Hayley in the office during the coming week.

Next Sunday is the Feast of Christ the King and is Youth Sunday:

Members of the Junior Justice and Peace Group will play a key part in the liturgy at 6.00pm Mass next Sunday. Bishop Ralph Heskett, C.Ss.R., is the Bishops’ Youth Representative and attended the Youth Synod in Rome last month. I know he is now being invited to share his experience of the event, including a recent talk at one of the seminaries. I have asked him to share some of that experience with me so that I, in turn, can share it with you.

There will be a retiring collection for Animate (the Archdiocese's youth ministry)

The theme for this year is #justonefilter. The aim is to get young people to consider what aspects of their life they apply filters to and to see that the only filter that allows us to be true to ourselves is the filter of God's love.

The Open Meeting:

Please note that our meeting is tomorrow, Monday 19 November, at 7.00pm in the Fisher-More Hall. Mr Hans van Mourik Broekman (Principal of Liverpool College) will chair the meeting.

As well as reviewing the responses to the questionnaire, we will focus on the forthcoming Diocesan Synod and how best our views can be represented at that event.

I can understand why some people have questioned the wisdom of linking the Synod with our own internal reflections, but it seems to me that if they are not integrally linked then there is something amiss with our understanding of why the Synod has been called and how it might help us and the wider Church.

Remembrance Sunday

As the centenary of the Armistice at the end of the First World, today carries very special significance. Like me, many of you will have direct connections with those who fought in what was supposed to be the war to end all wars. As we remember and have our special services at the War Memorials, I suggest we redouble our prayers for peace and vow to do all we can to end the conflict in our own lives 

The Redemptorists of the London Province lost two priests in the First World War Fr Bernard Kavanagh C.SsR and Fr Charles Watson C.Ss.R.  Recently Fr Richard visited Fr Kavanagh's grave in Jerusalem, see more on the Province website click here

Fr Barrie O’Toole:

I managed to visit Fr Barrie last Thursday and we had some quality time together. His wonderful sister, Pat, cares lovingly for him and we are immensely grateful to her. He was in good form, but he is weaker and now needs a walking frame. He assured me that the medics are keeping him pain-free. He is very grateful for all your concern and your prayers and asked me to greet you all and assure you of his prayers for us.

Exchange of Deacons (Pastoral Area Initiative):

This weekend we welcome Deacon Sean O’Donovan (Christ the King) to our parish. Just as we swapped priests a few months ago, so it was agreed that a similar initiative with the deacons would encourage us to think about the need for more and more collaborative ministering to one another. It may be that this will inspire some in the parish to consider the vocation of the permanent diaconate.

If so, you can always contact Fr Chris Fallon, on 07932 648221) for more information or you may be interested in the evening described below :

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon will host an evening for men who may be wondering if they are called to serve as deacons and what the formation involves. Wives, priests and deacons are also welcome. Please come along to St Mary’s Parish Centre, Broadfield Drive, Leyland, PR25 1PD on Tuesday 20 November from 7.30pm – 9.00pm. Refreshments will be available from 7.00pm. For more information or further details please call 0151 522 1042 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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