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Fr Tim

synod 2020 logoQuestionnaire:

Thank you’ to the few hundred in both parishes who took the trouble to return the questionnaires. We have done an initial analysis and obviously one of the key questions concerned whether we should arrange a meeting to discuss the issues.

Fascinatingly, while the majority said the parishes should address the issues, less than half said they would attend a meeting.

Because there is another issue which needs addressing – namely finding a representative from each parish, plus others from the pastoral area to be members of the Diocesan Synod – may I suggest that we have meetings, sensitively exploring what you wish to talk about and seeing whether members for the Synod emerge in the course of the discussions?

I will propose dates next weekend.

November 9th (Dedication of the Lateran Basilica):

Next Friday is a special day for the Redemptorists because it marks the 286th Birthday of the Congregation. Our Father General has asked the confrères across the world to use next Sunday as a special day of prayer for our missionary vocation. I hope we can keep this intention in mind, but I am very conscious that next Sunday marks the centenary of the Armistice that brought the First World War to an end. It will be a very special Remembrance Sunday and we will have our annual services at the War Memorials in both parishes.

QUESTIONNAIRE: I hope you have remembered to fill in and return your questionnaires so that we can get a snapshot of how people are feeling. It was good to receive encouraging comments about the initiative.

Half-Term: I hope those who were able to enjoy a break are returning refreshed for the run-in to Christmas. I managed to slip away myself for three days last week.

REDEMPTORIST QUESTIONNAIRE: Fr Michael Brehl, the Redemptorist General, has asked us to take seriously Pope Francis’s request that all of us should seek to heal the wounds of the scandals that have so badly damaged the Body of Christ, the Church. I am grateful to Fr Michael Henesy who has crafted a straightforward anonymous questionnaire, which will provide a springboard for us to begin to respond.

Please, please take copies and return them, if possible, by next weekend. There will be a box in the porch throughout the week or you may return them directly to the monastery. Also, please take copies for people whom you know are away or not attending church these days. We want to hear from as many people as possible in both parishes. THANK YOU.

If you are not at Mass this weekend or run out of copies for friends please download a copy of the Questionnaire.  Click here.

This will also provide us with a unique way of beginning to respond to the invitation of the Synod to consult widely.

COUNTING TEAMS: Bernard M has organised our money counting teams from time immemorial, but he is finishing at the end of this year. On behalf of the whole parish, I want to thank him for all the work he has put in to ensure that this unsung task is completed so efficiently. Raymund H has graciously agreed to take on this responsibility, but we are in need of a good number of volunteers to build up the four teams, making it a monthly commitment. May I, tongue in cheek, remind you that the more people who contribute by standing order, the less work there is for the counters! If you are able to help, please contact Hayley or Kris in the parish office.


Archbishop Malcolm’s Pastoral Letter will be read at all the Masses this weekend.

synod 2020 logo


The clergy had a very helpful day last Wednesday, learning to understand the nature and process of the Synod. We are being called to “WALK TOGETHER”, and I believe it does provide us all with a wonderful opportunity to listen to one another, but more importantly to listen to the  bring your lunch

NEXT SUNDAY: SYNOD SUNDAY: Archbishop Malcolm is writing a Pastoral Letter, which will be read at all the Masses next Sunday, helping us to understand and nature and objectives of the Diocesan Synod 2020.

In our two parishes, we will make a unique contribution to the discussions by offering you our Redemptorist Questionnaire, which is also a response to our Fr General’s request for us to take seriously Pope Francis’s request that the whole Church should seek to heal the hurt that has wounded us all.


After the noon Masses in both Bishop Eton and St Mary’s, we will bless any infants and toddlers who are brought to the church as well as all mothers who wish to receive a blessing.

There will also be a blessing for any expectant mothers. You will be able to reverence the relic of St Gerard and medals of St Gerard will be available.

To learn more about St Gerard click here

THE NEED FOR MORE REFLECTION: Fr Andrew left last Wednesday for Hungary to attend a European Council Meeting of Marriage Encounter. He returns on Monday. Prior to his leaving we had a community meeting and we discussed a letter (click here) from our General, Fr Michael Brehl, in which he urges us to take serious note of the recent letter from Pope Francis about the present state of the Church, particularly the Pope ’s insistence that we root out the scourge of clericalism. If you have any suggestions about how best we might approach such a conversation, please let me know.

Thank you to those who sent birthday greetings to me a couple of weeks ago!


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