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Fr Tim

Welcome to Bro Royston Price. Many of you will remember Royston, who did his initial training (postulancy) here with Michael Taylor a couple of years ago. They are due to go to Toronto for their novitiate at the end of July and Royston is spending a few weeks with us to gain some pastoral experience. You have already made him very welcome. He will speak at all the Masses on a couple of occasions this week as part of our Novena.

Mass Intentions. I understand that a number of people would like us to announce the special intention of each Mass. Accordingly we will try and respond to this, either by mentioning the intention at the beginning of Mass or during any Bidding Prayers. Please be patient with us if there are any lapses. Some of our memories are not as good as they used to be!

Parish Finances. Please note that the annual financial statement is available to be viewed on the north aisle. It is also available by clicking here.

I am immensely grateful to all who work very hard to ensure that the finances are managed so efficiently. You might take note of the huge discrepancy (well over £1,400) between the cost of the Catholic papers and the money we receive for them!

Corpus Christi

This wonderful feast always makes me a little nostalgic because as a youngster I served Mass every Sunday for many years at the church of Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, just off The Strand in London. The famous Mgr Ronald Knox preached the sermon there on the feast 26 times between 1926 until 1956, so I calculate that I started serving  on the feast of Corpus Christi 1955 because I remember him preaching twice, but don’t remember what he said! However, the sermons were published in two books, the second of which is called The Window in the Wall.

First Communion and Confirmation

Fittingly the last two of our children, Thomas Davies and Joel Stanton, will receive these sacraments at the 10 a.m. Mass this morning. We pray that the Lord will pour out his blessings on them and their families. 

Parish Awakening - I am delighted with the interest which my proposal is evoking. Once we have settled on a date and we have an organising committee in place, I will explain the thinking behind it at all the Masses.

Fr Barrie returned to us last Tuesday and is in very good form. We will take things gently, but he is keen to get involved in the life of the parish again. The medics are monitoring his situation and hopefully he will need no further intervention. I know you will all welcome his return.

Parish Awakening: It is four years tomorrow (June 1st) since I took over as parish priest and I am keen to launch this new term of office with a day in the early autumn on which both our parishes can focus on the challenges of the future. Discussions are underway on an ambitious plan to set aside a Saturday when we can come together and celebrate our faith, looking at the opportunities we have to develop every area of our life as communities of faith. The venue will be St Julie's School. Watch this space!

A very happy Feast Day.  May the gifts of the Holy Spirit be renewed in all of us.

Confirmation and First Holy Communion. As we celebrate the sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion with our children and their families this weekend, my prayer is that they will experience the joy and wonder of the occasion.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday this Monday. Please note there will be no 7.00am Mass.


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