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THE NOVENA FOR OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR: Thank you for supporting this wonderful event in such great numbers. On your behalf, I thank Fr Charlie Corrigan and Brothers Michael and Royston for all their efforts, which I know will continue to bear fruit in many ways. For myself, I can only reiterate what I said last weekend: the experience in Clapham was utterly rewarding. I found the experience of returning to the place of my birth and upbringing and being able to share and minister far more moving than I had anticipated.

Photos: Click on the Themes below to see the photos for that day

Date  Theme Strapline
 19th June Healing Fully Alive in the Glory of God
 20th June Reconciliation Be Opened
 21st June Love of God Heart speaks unto heart
 22nd June Prayer Giving Glory to God
 23rd June Remembrance Mary Remember Us
 24th June Witness Pass on what you have received
 25th June The Eucharist How we share the Eucharist
 26th June Discipleship Mary: Woman, Mother, Disciple
 27th June  Our Lady Ark of God's own promise


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