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Today, our titular Feast Day, we wish you all every blessing. As we explained previously, this weekend the priests of the pastoral area are swapping churches, to give witness to the fact that we are trying to pool our resources and work more and more collaboratively. We welcome, Fr Stephen Pritchard, the Dean, to St Mary’s and his note about this weekend is included in this bulletin. I am grateful to Fr Stephen and all the clergy of the pastoral area that they have agreed to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Redeemer, not only in the parishes under the care of the Redemptorists but in all the parishes this weekend. However, the readings will be the usual Sunday readings and they are very appropriate for the occasion.

Redemptorist Student Fund: On this feast day we usually ask you to help contribute to the fund for the education of our students, but since the collection at the Novena was specially earmarked for that cause, we are not having another collection this year. Incidentally, the final total from the Novena was £4,211. Once again, ‘thank you’ and congratulations!


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