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FHL logo   Click here for a presentation given in Bethlehem last November. 

Many Palestinians, once educated, are forced to leave to seek employment and safety for their families. This applies in particular to Christians, and many of the FHL projects are designed to help those who are unable to leave their homeland, the elderly and the young. One of the FHL projects, Martha's House (pictured), is a day centre for elderly women.  Other projects include medical, education and employment.

The Palestinians feel forgotten by the outside world.  Some of them have lived in refugee camps since 1947.  Pilgrims take away experiences and evidence of what is really happening.  This gives them hope.

One slide asks what can I do ? and answers

  • I can pray – for my brothers and sisters
  • I can remember that what I do to the least of my brothers  and sisters, I do unto the Lord
  • I can give generously
  • I can tell others about the people of the Holy Land, especially about the people of Bethlehem.
  • I can write letters, when necessary, to demand that action is taken for peaceful settlements.
  • If I am able and can afford it, I could visit the Holy Land.


The One World Group are holding their AGM on Tuesday 27 January at 7.30pm in The Hughes Meeting Room. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the group please join us on the night. Everyone is welcome.

FHL logoIssue 11  (winter/spring 2015)  of the Friends of the Holy Land Newsletter is available by clicking here.

Pax Christi donation envelopes are in the porch but NO second collection, as this is an optional collection.

18-25 January Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Parishioners are invited to join the Hope University community each morning this week (Monday-Friday) 8.40am-8.50am, for prayer, in the foyer of the Gateway Building, where the fountain is located. All are welcome to join with fellow Christians in this important week.

Parish Helpers’ Celebration Evenings. We are planning evenings, 23 January at Bishop Eton and 30 January at St Mary’s, to thank all those of you who volunteer to keep our parishes flourishing on every front. If you are wondering whether you contribute enough to be welcome, then be assured that the very fact you are wondering is an indication that you are! Further details to follow. They have been a wonderful success in Bishop Eton over the past few years and I am sure they will now be in St Mary's too.

Baptismal Preparation Course for the parents who have arranged this with the parish office is on Tuesday 13   January from 7.00pm in the Hughes Meeting Room. Access via the car park.

FHL logoFriends of the Holy Land. Today Cardinal Vincent will be in Gaza with a delegation of Bishops. Please keep them all in your prayers.

ALSO…. on Sunday 18 January Holy Mass will be celebrated at Hope, at 2.00pm by Fr John McLoughlin for peace and justice.

Christmas Used Stamps—bring them to the Sacristy. We have just received a cheque for £488 for the last load of stamps! This will be sent to ‘Redemptorist Mission Action’. Thank you so very much.

To read December's FHL Update click here.

Project Zimbabwe.

  •  A cheque for £997.62 will be sent to Project Zimbabwe from the proceeds of selling the Christmas Gift Cards and donations.
  • ALSO…. The Piety Stall is sending a cheque to Project Zimbabwe for £400 which is the profit made from selling cards etc during the course of the year.

Thank you so much. This money will help so much with the projects in our parishes there.


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