FreddieinblueThe Freddie Freckles knitting pattern produced by Angela Rigby is available by clicking here

As it was Angela's first knitting pattern she asked for questions. Here are the questions so far and her answers

1. His jumper was too small or tight, can it be made bigger?

Add 2 stitches on to each piece of jumper, this will give you more room. Leave neck open and feed feet through neck hole, then arms then pull jumper into place.

Try not to stuff Freddie too much. He's a tall, thin softy really.

2. His hair looks curly and the wool is hard to find. Where can we buy it?

I have experimented  with Funky Fur wool from Abhakan Fabrics   off London Rd, by TJ. Hughes. On it's own I thought it a bit thin, so I tried it again knitted with black double knitting wool. When sewing in place put the knitted hair with right side out. This gives Freddie a long, straight hair cut.  
They only sell it in packets of 10 for £14.95. So I have left some 4 balls at St. Marys and 4 balls at Bishop Eton. It's £1.50 a ball if anyone wants to try it out. The money will go to CAFOD. 
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