bed33rd Bedroom

Below is a list of items we are hoping to provide for our resettled family. 

If you would be willing to donate/buy any of the items click here to email us. Please do not purchase any items at this time. Once we know the family are coming we will contact you.

In your e-mail please state

The item name and quantity you wish to supply.

Whether the item is preloved or will be bought new. 

If you think of an item that you would like to supply which is not on the list we may just have forgotten them so please contact us.

Thank you for your generosity.


Item Quantity Note  Status 
Bedframe - Single   1    High Priority
Mattress - Single   1   New  High Priority
Duvet   1   New or unused  High Priority
Pillow   1   New or unused  High Prioroty
Mattress Protector   2   New or unused  Medium Priority
Single Bedsheet Fitted   2   New or unused  High Prioroty
Single BedSheet Flat   2   New or unused  High Prioroty
Pillow protectors   2   New or unused  High Prioroty
Pillow Slips   2   New or unused  High Prioroty
Bedside table   1    Medium Priority
Door hooks      Low Priority
Hangers      Medium Priority
Desk Lamp   1    Medium Priority
Light Fitting    Expected to be in situ  High Priority
Lamp Shade(s)      High Priority
Chest of drawers   1    High Priority
Wardrobe   1    High Priority
Window covering (curtains/blinds)      High Priority
Floor Covering (carpet/laminate)   1  Expected to be in situ  High Priority
Chair (for using desk)   1    High Priority
Desk / Table   1    High Priority
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